Friday, January 23, 2015


Your attitude is only making this take longer, sir.

I'm sorry that being in line is the same for you as it is for everybody else who arrived before you.

Yes we need that information.  Because I said so.  No we are not the government spying on you.

It's not my fault you didn't buy your ticket in advance and you arrived at 7:55 expecting no line.

Do I really need to repeat myself?

Let's make a better attitude choice.

Request denied.  Try again later when you can choose to treat me like a person.

You are a blinking swan.

I am judging you and I find you atrocious on an admirable number of levels.

Go.  Just leave.

SECURITY.  SE-CURITY.  We got ourselves a complicated order.

Hmm yeah no.


Oh I'm sorry.  I can't find my respect for you anywhere.  You must have lost it.

Name submitted for the Hunger Games.  Check.

Sunshine, daisies, butter, mellow.  Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow.

LEAVE NOW AND NEVER COME BACK!!!!!!!! *heavy breathing*



Seriously, why do people think that treating the service people poorly will get them faster, less complicated service?  I will only understand your need to hurry if you are having a medical emergency and need to go inside the theater to fix it.  Otherwise, it's your fault (one way or another) if you arrived later than you wanted.  So take responsibility and let me do my job for you as quickly as I can ... which means not arguing with you about when I need your information to print your blinking ticket.  Blinking blink blink.

If you have ever worked a service job, what did you have to keep yourself from saying?  Leave a comment!

Side note -- I am grateful for all of the lovely people who recognize that I am trying to help them and are at least pleasant, if not friendly.  God bless them.

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