Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year - New Beginnings

And so ends a year of writing every day.  Well, mostly every day and occasionally catching up.  But I somehow ended up with 364 posts!

It is some kind of small accomplishment and I am glad to have put myself to the task.  I won't defend all (or most) of the writings as anything special or even good - though there are a few that I'm proud of - but they're all a part of me, laid out for reading eyes, which is something I've always struggled with being confident about.  I'm still struggling with that, but I want to keep pushing myself to write.  So, this year, I'm starting a new blog: 52 Fictions.  The plan is one fictional story a week, worked on day by day.  Occasionally one week's story might be a continuation of a previous one, depending on how inspiration strikes.

So... here goes nothing!

Happy 2016!


I will also likely still post here on occasion, for I have become quite fond of this blog.  :)