Saturday, November 21, 2015

Where You Go

Where you go, I will go
Where you stay, I will stay
I am yours, as you are mine
For forever and a day

Without you I cannot be
Just as stars cannot shine
Without the blanket of night
So I am yours and you are mine.


One day
Til your arms
Your smile
Your eyes looking
Directly into mine.


Friday, November 20, 2015

A Year Ago

A year ago I would not have guessed how in love I would be today.
A year ago I could not have known that such feelings were even possible.
A year ago I had just started getting to know you.
Oh to think of a year from now and all that is yet to be known!
I love you - every day, for every year of the rest of our lives.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good News

I asked friends for their good news today and my heart was lifted. Whether big or small, people had wonderful things to share about their lives or their days. Life is perspective. We find our happiness from ourselves and how we choose to see the world. Shit happens. Shitty, awful things happen in this world. But we have so much power in the choice we make about whether we let the muck, the dirt, and the darkness overtake us or not. Don't let go of your light, your compassion, your hope, your joy. Whether your light is blinding, a roaring blaze, a single ray, or a mere shimmer, choose it and believe in it. Let others help you kindle it. Because the world needs your light to help see through the dark.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Point of Everything


Give and receive it.
Celebrate and cherish it.
Share it freely.
Allow it to reach you.
Let it protect you.
Let it heal you.
Let it support and sustain you.
Let it move you.
Let it change you.



11/15 - Love Enters In

Love enters in
And gathers the nations
To peace at one table
To share in one cup.

Love enters in
With grace and forgiveness,
A light in the darkness
To heal broken hearts.

So let us give thanks
And sing praise to the One
Who chose us in love
Through the life of the Son.

And as we gather together
To glory in Him,
Let us stand open-hearted
As Love enters in.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Priez pour paix

Priez pour paix
Douce Vierge Marie,
Reine des cieux et du monde maîtresse,
Faites prier, par votre courtoisie,
Saints et Saints, et prenez votre adresse
Vers votre Fils, requérant sa Hautesse
Qu’il lui plaise son peuple regarder,
Que de son song a voulu racheter,
En déboutant guerre qui tout dévoie.
De prières ne vous vueillez lasser.
Priez pour paix, priez pour paix,
Le vrai trésor de joie.


Pray for peace
Gentle Virgin Mary,
Queen of the skies and Mistress of the world,
of your courtesy, ask for the prayers
of all the saints, and make your address
to your Son, beseeching his Majesty
that he may please to look upon his people,
whom he wished to redeem with his blood,
banishing war which disrupts all.
Do not cease your prayers.
Pray for peace, pray for peace,
the true treasure of joy.

Charles d’Orléans, 1938, published in Le Figaro in Paris, France, just before the start of WWII

Friday, November 13, 2015


In these gifts you give this earth
I hear
I feel
Your soul.

This is not mere fantasy
Nor an echo of a dream;
it is a knowing 
Of all the beauty inside you
Poured out for others.

Another time I shall peruse
The pensive attitude 
Plaguing me with wonderings:
Why me
How am I worthy of
Such feeling, of such knowing?

For now I shall lay down my head,
Open to the wondrous rapture
Of you,
And peacefully I shall rest.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Gravity

That night
My soul felt the gravity
Before my head
Or heart
Could wrap tendrils of thought
Around your affections.
That night
My soul read the future
From the palm of your
Open heart.
That night 
My soul knew what had to be
And so fell 
Into your open arms
That had been waiting for me
For eternity.


Take your time
And let things heal.
Don't rush
Back into life
The way you want to
Or the way you think
You should.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Heart

My heart, to all things, but especially one thing, shouts an exuberant YES!

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Sending surprises
Sharing dreams
Calling out of the blue
Making time
Sharing laughter
Making plans
Admiring achievements and talents
Supporting goals
Being honest and vulnerable
Taking care of both ourselves and each other
Sharing challenges and burdens
Sending dog pictures :)
Taking chances and believing in good
Love is

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Make it Through

With you
I'll make it through.
All you are to me
Helps me see the light.
With you
I'll make it through.
Every joy you bring
Makes every day so bright.
And so I'll make it through
I won't give up the fight
I will make it through
To be with you.


Alone I'm not scared,
But with you I'm brave.
Alone I'm not weak,
But with you I'm strong.
Alone I stand firm,
But with you I conquer.
Alone I exist,
But with you I live.

11/5 Brief Wisdom

Be dependable,
These traits will get you far.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

There Are People

There are people
Who, when faced with the question of love,
Will quote the improbability, according to statistics,
That a life with someone else beside you really will turn out.

There are people
Who hide themselves away from 
The openness it takes
To maybe, perhaps, fall for someone,
Because they're afraid of the statistically-likely heartbreak.

There are people
Who keep themselves away from
The openness love takes
By melting down the heart to prevent the feeling,
Melting down the heart to avoid the feeling
Beyond physical need.

There are people...
They're the "they" of "they say" 
When we say that "they say that..." followed by
A made up statistic to defend and deny
Our own fears at the feeling of
Loving and maybe losing.

But what about loving and maybe... Keeping?

There are people
Who might say that we, you and I, are statistically improbable.
I don't know if I agree.
But the one thing I do know,
Is we defy some kind of odds...
Because I'm not afraid of the losing,
Because I know it's you I'm choosing,
And every day.
It's just you and me... Not they. 

There are people... And then there's us.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Rest, dear heart,
And ride on the wings of whispered melodies
Through the velvet night where,
In the realm existing beyond
Distance and dreams,
You and I may rest
Always in each other's arms.  

I Couldn't

I couldn't ask for anything more.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Search for Inspiration

It's there, somewhere.
Out among the floating wisps
Of thought and ideas.
Elusive, tentative
Awaiting just the right grasp,
A tickle, a nudge,
To emerge from the fray
And whisper the song
Into the heart of its seeker.


Today was a full day of singing and as much as I stressed about it, all of it was fun and so fulfilling.

Pre-audition selfie:

Mid-show selfie:

I'm doing this whole "singing for a living" thing. How cool is that?!