Wednesday, January 14, 2015


This is the weirdest cold ... thing I have ever had.  Sore throat from what seems to be dryness that is almost constant, though way worse in the morning and at night.  Minimal mucus overall (never thought I'd use the word mucus on this blog. Twice.)  I have a cough, which I think is a result of the dryness in the back of my throat, only serving to make it worse.  I have been downing water and tea like my life depends on it, which are only ever temporarily helpful.  Ibuprofen has been the best thing, only I'm trying not to have too many over a day.  I invested in some NyQuil today -- here's hoping it helps with the cough and, by extension, sleeping.  Also, Ricolas.  So many Ricolas.  All I know is it's not strep, thanks to Urgent Care.  (I was almost positive it wasn't but I didn't want to kick myself if it was.)

Oh also I was in a a plane and a shared ride van today, with a coughing fit on each respectively.  Sorry fellow humans -- I was that person today.

Sorry for the whining binge.  I'm going to become a real human again tomorrow.  *Power of positive thinking*

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