Saturday, January 17, 2015

Come and See

Today I was beckoned by sunlight and heights.  Come and see.  I tried to resist, roll over, stay in bed, but the blue sky was insistent.  Come and see.  I took my time, did other things, but kept coming back to the window.  The green trees swayed. Come and see. 
So I relented.  I prepared, taking only what I needed.  I found a friend to come along.  The journey was challenging and sometimes I had to stop to take a breath.  But the glimpses of the view to come were exciting.  Come and see.  I kept going.
And when I arrived at the top, I could see where I started and how far I had come.   I had risked and won and all along the heights knew that I could do it.  The sunlight celebrated with me.  The air rejuvenated me.  I could stretch my arms and touch the sky.  The world below was mine.

Come and see and believe and testify.

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