Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Precious Moments

Every so often in the last few months I have been hit with the sudden notion of how precious the moments I am experiencing are.  Not all of them; really, not most of them.  Today in Albert Herring rehearsal was one of those moments.

It was casual - just running musical spots before putting Act III on its feet in the space we will be performing in.  My friends were all facing our conductor and concentrating on all of those fast and tricky entrances when the grown-ups interrogate Albert about his crrrrazy night.

Then a chilling thought that these moments with these people are going to end very, very soon.

And then another chill of excitement at all of the potential contained on that stage.

We are all so young and who can tell where we will end up?  We have grown so much together in the last couple of years.  We also have much more to discover and achieve.

This is not the end; it is merely another beginning.

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