Saturday, April 18, 2015


It was the same dream.

She was running, always running. The Blue One led her by the hand and she could sense the others behind them. They sprinted past rocky outcroppings, the only thing that could grow in the surrounding, vast red desert. Heat shimmered over the cracked earth, their feet breaking though its illusory pools of water.

Her dress was drenched with sweat and it dripped from her face like endless tears, the salt stinging her dry and broken lips. She couldn't speak to the Blue One for want of breath and as her legs gave out from under her, her slick palm slipped from his. The others ran past her, unseeing. She felt her voice break as she tried to cry out, but no sound came.

Then the Green One turned, sensing her absence, and the others stopped at the command.  They seemed to call out to her, waving frantically, but she couldn't hear their voices. She tried to stand and fell again, scraping her arms in the rusty grit.

The Yellow and Blue Ones began to run back to her, suddenly seeming a mile away. She noticed a sharply cold rush of air from behind and, turning, saw what they had been running from. An endless expanse of darkness covered the land and sky inched steadily over their tracks, with snake-like tendrils feeling the way towards her.

At the sight, she struggled to rise, but her body was leaden with fatigue. She felt the others running toward her and watched the darkness creep to engulf her and then a gasp caught in her broken throat.

"I can see."

Then her eyes would snap open to the constant darkness.

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