Friday, April 10, 2015

Who can tell us who we are?

We are all powerful. Magic is a thing of fairy tales, however much I imagined having it as a child re-enacting the world of Harry Potter (or any of the other great books of the time.) That wish can't be granted. Yet, I firmly believe that we all possess power. It's no secret. There is no key to unlock it, though it can be challenging to find and cultivate from within ourselves.

Our power lies in the strength of our self-confidence, our belief in our self-worth.

Note: this is not arrogance. There's a fine line that can be drawn between the two, but they are fundamentally different. One is ego; the other is truth. One distances us from and the other enhances our understanding of the beings around us and their own inert value.

I cannot say when or where I learned of my power. It has been over the length of my living -- I'm still finding more of its depth and dimension with each passing week, month, and year. Because of the people around me, I have been taught to cherish it, to know that it is cherished. There is not a more beautiful feeling than being allowed to be and able to love yourself (and it is only then that we can fully love others)!

The trick of such valuable power is not allowing it to be taken away. Really, it cannot be taken; we give it. It is whom we give it to that determines whether it grows or withers. Someone whose own confidence and self-worth is weak will often - intentionally or no - stifle that of others. Why we give our power to such people is highly varied, but it can be easy to do on purpose or accident.

What's reassuring is that we can take our power back from those who would diminish it.  At any time, we can turn and say "No."  It's not usually easy to do, or even recognize that someone is doing such a thing to us.  But when we finally can see that it's happening, it is nearly impossible to let it continue.  For, at the core of it all, only we can determine our self-confidence, our worth.  Only we can tell ourselves who we are.

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