Monday, April 20, 2015

Music Monday

Maybe an occasionally returning post subject!  :)

These were a few stand-outs from my playlist that helped me get through the day.

Ring Them Bells by Hope Waits:

Cheek to Cheek by Jane Monheit:

A Prayer for Mr. Davis by Kurt Elling:

If you give a listen, you can tell I was in a jazz mood today.  These are three great jazz vocalists that I am grateful to have on my iPod.  Both Jane Monheit and Kurt Elling were high school discoveries for me (thanks to my senior year choir teacher Ms. Emans for encouraging that!)  I love Jane's perky take on the slightly reserved tune Cheek to Cheek, made famous by Fred Astaire in the 1930s in the film Top Hat.  It's fun to sing along to!

Hope Waits was a great find by my dad when I was in my first or second year of college.  He really got into the vocal jazz scene and is always uncovering new artists.  Hope's version of Ring Them Bells, originally done by Bob Dylan, struck me with its soulful sound and instantly became one of my favorite songs to get me through a day.

Finally, Kurt Elling brings the evening down with his haunting tune A Prayer for Mr. Davis.  I can't get past the beauty of the lyrics and how the simple musical setting makes them all the more touching.  Elling is one of the names at the top of my list of singers to listen to for text expression period, regardless of genre.  The entire album The Messenger is a favorite of mine, including great hits like Nature Boy, a funny and poignant story-telling piece The Messenger, the enchanting Beauty of All Things, and Endless - a show of word-play at its absolute finest.

I hope you'll give these a listen and maybe find something new to enjoy!

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