Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Top 10 Moving Tips

1 - Don't panic that you waited until the day you have to leave.
2 - You don't need boxes.  Just use all of those paper bags you've hoarded for the last year and a half because they cost you 10 cents each and you always forgot the damn reusable ones.
3 - Keep everything.  Yes you might need it someday.
4 - It's important to have chocolate.
5 - Breaks are important.  Packing should be a break from taking breaks.
6 - Wrap everything in articles of clothing, including all of your clothing.  You might have to buy more.
7 - Can't fit those dishes?  Give up.  Seriously, just stay.
8 - Get your friends to come with you AND prevent all of your stuff from shifting in the back of the van by locking them in there.  Lure them with pizza and beer.
9 - Remember why it will be worth it.  Then tell me.

Hah.  I got started today and am not feeling nearly as pessimistic as this comes off, I promise.

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