Sunday, May 24, 2015


Take Your Time
Here & Now

Things to remember in the midst of change - the loss and the gain.

Breathe.  It's what sustains you.  And there's not a lot that can make you stop.  Even when things seem overwhelming, you can keep breathing.

Respect yourself.  Respect others.

Encourage yourself and others.  No one gains anything from tearing themselves or the people around them down.  Everyone needs uplift - be that for all.

Aspire to great things.  You are capable and worthy of the dreams you have.  Don't settle for less.

Take your time on your journey.  Most of us are lucky with a long life.  The best things take time.  Let yourself have it.

Here and now are the only true moments.  We build on the past and work towards the future, but the only place we can ever truly be is where we are.  Cherish each moment.

Enjoy yourself.  You are worthy of happiness.  Keep joy in your heart and share it.  It can only grow.

"One candle loses nothing by lighting another."

So, BREATHE.  <3

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