Friday, May 29, 2015

5/26/15 -- So late!

I want to expand more on these thoughts but in a rather pinched time schedule I will say:

I enjoyed the musical The Book of Mormon! I was particularly impressed with the music - every bitingly satirical lyric is superbly arranged over tight, exciting harmonies. I can see how this show won 9 Tony's.

Is it the "Best Musical of this Century" as advertised?  Eh.  It's certainly fun and pushes the envelope in terms of what's "appropriate" for public entertainment.  But once the shock factor of the language recedes, I felt like the strength of the main character Elder Price decreases somewhat with the quick wrap up of the plot in Act II, which left me minutely disappointed overall.  I did like the rise of Elder Cunningham as a character and that the two are able to come to balance and true friendship in their relationship.

Perhaps, though, I am used to stories that end in redemption for all, despite this being a rare occurrence in real life?  Resolution, at least in an expected way, is never really achieved in the story.  I think I would have to see it again to determine whether this is an ultimate strength or weakness.  Either way, I laughed quite frequently so it was all worth it.  :)

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