Thursday, December 31, 2015

12/28 - Traverse City

Day Three - The Storm Day

Breakfast at The Inn at Ludington was exquisite and more than enough reason on its own for us to discuss returning someday for a longer stay.

Fueled up, we left for Traverse City on the early side because of storm warnings, though we decided that the scenic route (up M-22) was still an okay way to go, as precipitation wasn't predicted until later in the evening.  We were treated with gorgeous views of wide valleys to the inland and lovely water to the lake side.  And we managed to beat the storm!

We were happily impressed with the Pinestad Reef Resort's set up for our room - practically a one-bedroom apartment style.  And we got in just in time; the snow began just as we were pulling in (my wish came true)!  The flakes were small but it was falling fast and piling up.  We still wanted to get out and do something though, so we braved the weather and the night to catch the new Star Wars movie at a local independent theater - a most excellent decision!  When we got out of the film we could still see the car at least, though the snow was really starting to pile up.  We managed to stock up for dinner and breakfasts at a local grocery and then it was time to stay in for the night and watch the snow cover the beach.  :)

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