Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Dark

My overactive imagination gets the better of me in the dark, even at age 24.  Driving home on the pitch-black, semi-rural backroads that lead back to my little suburban town, I'm always imagining seeing things pop out of the dark.  Last week there was a guy walking along the road.  Luckily I saw him from far away with my high beams, but when I realized that I wasn't just seeing something I was hypothetically anxious about, my heart nearly stopped for a moment.

What is so scary about the dark?  Not knowing what's there? The lurking things that we make up in our heads?  Both, I'd say.  But we have to head into the dark sometimes, especially when we want to get all the way back home.  And while the scary things are certainly intimidating to imagine, more often than not they are just that - imaginary.  For those times when they are real, well, then it's smart to be navigating with those high beams, staying alert to keep to the path towards where you want to go.

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