Monday, August 17, 2015

8/16 - Shifts in Eternity

I heard a bit of an interview on the radio today where the interviewee (a lead singer of a Christian band) expressed his hope to help people hearing the band's work to discover shifts in their eternities. Of course, he meant understandings of the Lord in their lives, but hearing such a phrase made me pause and think of what my own shifts of eternity might be.

The day my sister was born.

The first day I felt truly moved by the Holy Spirit.

The days I met Haley, Charissa, Hannah, Stephanie, Debora, Ellen, and Collin.

The glorious light I felt after changing my major to Vocal Performance at PLU.

The sheer joy of my acceptance call to SFCM.

May 19, 2015.

And there are more to come, I know. :)

What beautiful life moments these are in my heart, these shifts in my existence. And such shifts happen every day, through the quiet Spirit that whispers what is good and right to our hearts. I pray that we always listen and hear the calls that shift our eternities for the better.

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