Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mother's Love - 8/13

I took my car in for an oil change and ended up staying an hour and twenty minutes (on the dot!) in the waiting room, which was luckily quite comfortable.  A mother was there with her three (!) young boys - one probably about 4 and a pair of 10 month old twins! What a handful!!! But they were all incredibly sweet, really, with the big brother being very good about keeping an eye on at least one twin when mom had to go talk to the service guys a couple different times. 

But the moment that struck me was when she was standing up from her chair, a babe in a front carrier, another in her left arm, and the third child deciding that now was the perfect time to latch onto her back. She simply held them all on her body for a moment, just like that, bearing the weight of these three little ones. And I was struck in that moment by such a visual representation of parental love, particularly a mother's love - one that is self-sacrificing, gentle, and so enveloping. She handled that moment gracefully and with joy. It was just a beautiful thing to witness and hopefully have myself, someday. :)

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