Monday, June 29, 2015

Wild Thing

She let the thunder roar and the lightning flash like sparks of white flame around her.  "I will not yield!" she cried to the wind, which howled its response, whipping debris across her face, her arms, her legs.


Though I am tested, I shall not be won.  My heart is solid and strengthens my stance.  Earth shall not move me, nor Fire, Air, or Water.  For I am of them all.


They all watched as she limped back into the village the next morning.  Her limbs were bruised and bloody, her hair full of sticks, her jeans ripped and stained with mud and her eyes were hard, reddened with the Nightstorm she had weathered.


The sky was clear and blue.


"Everyone has questions,
But no one wants to know
How far the anger in someone
Can really make them go."

- "Wild Thing" by Noah and the Whale

This song has always intrigued me with its imagery of a girl emerging after spending 9 days alone in the woods and the public wonder at what turmoil would make her do such a thing (above lyrics).  Just a little something.

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