Friday, June 26, 2015

Soul Songs - 6/25/15

The song of our souls must continue; the melody cannot stall.  Though we can savor the echoes of the passages which touch our hearts, the notes vanish as each passing moment does into the infinite vastness of the past.  And so we must go on singing our songs, constantly creating themes and variations to form the parts of our lives around.  But it is hard to keep singing alone.

As we grow, however, our voices intertwine with those of the people around us into duets, trios, and even whole choruses; all are composed of melodies that are separate and unique, not always harmonizing, but always worth being expressed and heard.  The most precious people in our lives are the ones whom we can harmonize with, whether consonant or dissonant, who are unafraid to share their melody with us, and who refuse to cast judgement upon our own compositions, whether we are in periods of creative struggle or freedom.  And, especially in those times of struggle, our closest friends, loves, and collaborators are the ones who lift us up, who work to match our tones and strengthen them, helping return them to the vibrant brilliance we are all capable of expressing.

So goes the journey of the songs of our souls.

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