Thursday, November 5, 2015

There Are People

There are people
Who, when faced with the question of love,
Will quote the improbability, according to statistics,
That a life with someone else beside you really will turn out.

There are people
Who hide themselves away from 
The openness it takes
To maybe, perhaps, fall for someone,
Because they're afraid of the statistically-likely heartbreak.

There are people
Who keep themselves away from
The openness love takes
By melting down the heart to prevent the feeling,
Melting down the heart to avoid the feeling
Beyond physical need.

There are people...
They're the "they" of "they say" 
When we say that "they say that..." followed by
A made up statistic to defend and deny
Our own fears at the feeling of
Loving and maybe losing.

But what about loving and maybe... Keeping?

There are people
Who might say that we, you and I, are statistically improbable.
I don't know if I agree.
But the one thing I do know,
Is we defy some kind of odds...
Because I'm not afraid of the losing,
Because I know it's you I'm choosing,
And every day.
It's just you and me... Not they. 

There are people... And then there's us.

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