Tuesday, October 27, 2015

25 Little Love Stories

1) That time you weren't mad at me when my alarm didn't go off and you came to my apartment and we practiced and we still made it to the gig.
2) Coming up with our version of Til There was You.
3) Sitting under the tree at Alamo Square Park and watching the dogs play.
4) The sunset at Ocean Beach.
5) Getting through that crazy gig where the piano didn't work.
5) Riding the Great Wheel in Seattle.
6) Trying two other restaurants before finally going to the Java Cafe for sandwiches that were extra-tasty because we were so hungry.
7) Laughing at the ridiculous moment of CGI for Legolas in The Hobbit.
8) Laughing at all of the disaster movies featuring San Francisco in the previews before The Hobbit.
9) The bus ride back from our first gig when we got to talking about Hitchcock.
10) That time a little old woman asked if you were my husband at one of our gigs.
11) Hiking up to Corona Heights park.
12) Finding you in the audience at my recital.
13) That little blue note you play in your intro for Fly Me to the Moon.
14) Holding your hand.
15) The flowers that arrived at the perfect time on my birthday.
16) Exploring Deception Pass on Whidbey Island.
17) Goofing around on the piano in the GGH practice room.
18) Talking the whole time on our long walk on Ocean Beach after Corona Heights.
19) Watching The Grand Budapest Hotel at the Castro Theater.
20) That one rainy day in the fall when I fell for you.
21) Grabbing drinks at The Grove and then complaining about The Grove.
22) Finding the Hayes Valley Inn.
23) Cheesecake.
24) The awe of watching and hearing you play.
25) Finally finding you at the SFO Bart Station.  :P


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