Friday, March 13, 2015


Centuries ago, humans used to speak.  They sang.  They danced.  Painted.  Sculpted.  Drew.

They also argued.  They fought.  Yelled.  Screamed.  Cried.  Hit.  Kicked.  Killed.

Then we invented a way to hear each others's thoughts.  To experience each other's emotions.  At first it took the touch of a hand.  Then eye contact.  Now we can simply attune ourselves to whomever is in the room.  Someday we will have long-distance communication and be able to find each other whenever we need.  They already use this for escaped criminals.

When we took away all of our walls, we didn't need to express ourselves anymore.  We simply understand each other.  We don't need art.  There has been no new music for three hundred years.

But this morning I found music inside of me.

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